Get to Know John Barrow

We sat down with John and asked him…

What is your favorite thing about the Cashiers area?

John Barrow

“My favorite thing about Cashiers is the serenity that exists here. For me, the combination of the mountains, the forests and streams, the cool temperatures, and the distinctive changes of the seasons create a place of peace and tranquility that exists nowhere else.”

What is one of your favorite Cashiers-area memories or traditions?

My favorite Cashiers tradition is the annual Christmas parade. Seeing the excited faces of the children lining the parade route, the gathering of families and the sense of community reminds me of something out of a Frank Capra movie. Nothing better embodies the spirit of the season!

Of what moment in your real estate career are you most proud?

“The proudest moment of my real estate career involved one of the earliest listings I sold. My client began experiencing a number of health difficulties and closing the sale became much more urgent than originally anticipated. Complicating matters, we encountered a number of “surprises” as the closing date approached. Nevertheless, with a lot of patience, elbow grease (and help from colleagues), we were able to close on time. The look of relief and happiness on my client’s face when I told him that closing had occurred is something I will never forget.

What is something folks might not know about you?

“Before changing careers and moving full-time to Cashiers, I earned a Ph.D. in U.S. history from Vanderbilt University and had a career in academia.”

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