Whiteside Mountain

Live among the highest cliffs in the Eastern U.S.

A landmark along the Eastern Continental Divide, Whiteside Mountain rises to an elevation of 4,930 feet. This magnificent rock is about 390 to 460 million years old, and features the tallest cliffs of bare rock east of the Rocky Mountains.

Located between Cashiers and Highlands, there are several surrounding developments and private communities that boast views of this extraordinary mountain, including Wildcat Cliffs Country Club.

Whiteside Mountain in western North Carolina

Whiteside Mountain in the Highlands-Cashiers area

About Whiteside Mountain

The mountain’s cliffs look like sheets of ice draped across the mountain. During the spring and summer you may see peregrine falcons flying above or sitting on rock outcrops. Through the endangered species program, the falcon was reintroduced in 1985 to Whiteside Mountain, part of the birds native range. One of the world’s fastest and most beautiful birds return annually to nest on rock ledges. Because peregrines are nervous parents, climbing routes near nesting sites are closed during nesting.

A 2-mile loop trail climbs above sheer 750-foot high cliffs and offers outstanding views to the east, south, and west. Whiteside Mountain Trail is rated “more difficult” because of its steepness. Along your journey to the top, you can spot a variety of wildflowers including false Solomonsseal, white snakeroot, dwarf dandelion, speckled wood-lily, and wood betony.

Whiteside Mountain Map & Location

Whiteside Mountain is located 4.7 miles from the Cashiers Crossroads (the intersection of Highway 64 and 107). To access the hiking trail, enter the Wildcat Cliffs Country Club development via Whiteside Mountain Road. Proceed 1.1 miles on Whiteside Mountain Road to parking area on left