A Responsible, Sustainable Development

When A. William McKee, our late Founder and President, and Beth Townsend, Co-owner / Broker, created and developed Snowbird, they did so with a primary goal in mind: To preserve and protect its unmatched, majestic beauty.






Snowbird was designed for nature enthusiasts seeking a private and serene mountain setting. Located in the Glenville area, the gated community offers an unparalleled, low-density, environmentally aware mountain lifestyle.

With tracts of land ranging from 20 to 300 acres, Snowbird shines as an exemplary model of sustainable planning and responsible development. Each homesite was created to enjoy the community’s stunning natural features: waterfalls, creeks, high-alpine meadows, wildflowers and wildlife, 360-degree views and enchanting forest.

Covenants are in place to protect its aesthetics, prohibit hunting and to prevent subdividing into less than 20-acre parcels.

A trail system for hiking, horseback riding and mountain biking laces the nearly 1,900-acre private community’s meadows and forests.

Snowbird Listings