John Barrow is a Broker and Rental Coordinator with McKee Properties.

At a Glance

  • Holds Ph.D. from Vanderbilt University
  • Active Cashiers community leader
  • Macon, Georgia native

He is also an active community leader. John has been involved with the Cashiers Valley Community Council, Rotary Club, and the Cashiers Historical Society. He brings a high degree of enthusiasm and commitment to the community as well as his real estate profession.

A Macon, Georgia native, John permanently relocated to Cashiers and joined McKee Properties after spending more than 20 summers in the area. He and his mother, Sandy Barrow, partner to bring “two for the price of one” to the clients they serve, assuring dedication to the business of selling or buying properties.

Prior to joining McKee Properties, John spent more than 20 years teaching young adults at both the university level (Middle Tennessee State University and Vanderbilt University) and high school level (Montgomery Bell Academy and Pope John Paul II High School). He earned his bachelor’s degree at Davidson College and his masters and doctoral degrees in American history at Vanderbilt University.


  • Board member and Past President of the Rotary Club of Cashiers Valley
  • Board member and Treasurer of the Cashiers Valley Community Council
  • Chairman of the Village Heritage Award selection committee for the Cashiers Historical Society

Client Testimonials

“We want to thank John for all his kindnesses and helpfulness while we were staying at Arrowhead. He is always on top of things and takes such good care of things. We had a wonderful time, as always.”


Client Testimonials

“John worked hard and was a good advocate for us. I was happy with the way things moved along. I appreciated everything he did for us!” 

—Michael P.

Get to Know John

What is your favorite thing about the Cashiers area?

My favorite thing about Cashiers is the serenity that exists here. For me, the combination of the mountains, the forests and streams, the cool temperatures, and the distinctive changes of the seasons creates a place of peace and tranquility that exists nowhere else.

Of what moment in your real restate career are you most proud?

The proudest moment of my real estate career involved one of the earliest listings I sold. My client began experiencing a number of health difficulties and closing the sale became much more urgent than originally anticipated. Complicating matters, we encountered a number of “surprises” as the closing date approached. Nevertheless, with a lot of patience, elbow grease (and help from colleagues), we were able to close on time. The look of relief and happiness on my client’s face when I told him that closing had occurred is something I will never forget.

What is one of your favorite Cashiers-area memories or traditions?

My favorite Cashiers tradition is the annual Christmas parade. Seeing the excited faces of the children lining the My favorite Cashiers tradition is the annual Christmas parade. Seeing the excited faces of the children lining the parade route, the gathering of families and the sense of community reminds me of something out of a Frank Capra movie. Nothing better embodies involves the spirit of the season!

What is something folks might not know about you?

Before changing careers and moving full-time to Cashiers, I earned a PhD in U.S. history from Vanderbilt University and had a career in academia.

Client Testimonials

“It is a privilege to write about our experiences of selling our beautiful home in Cashiers with McKee Properties as our Broker.

We met with our children to see if they could come one or more times a year and help us assess what items needed maintenance and even join us in getting the projects completed. We had been unable to obtain dependable help to assume these roles in our absence. This discussion led to a recommendation to sell the property.

Husband Al made the initial call to John Barrow. A follow-up meeting was held with John and Sandy and the team began its task. Communications were an A+. The written communications were written with the English teacher in mind and the photography and use of color and texture of paper made it a coffee table edition.

Now it was the magical team of Sandy and John — SOLD!! There were general drop-ins. One was a drop-in for all the female brokers for a sit-down formal dinner which Sandy cooked and McKee Properties provided the French wine.

We live three hours from Cashiers. We typically come every other week to clean, cut grass and water plants. Since both of us are experiencing health issues, we notified them when we were not being able to come to Cashiers. They watered all the plants for us.

I could continue with so many other things they did for us to make this such a memorable experience. When they walk through the door, they are greeted with “Come in Friends.”

Congratulations on having such Special people on your team.

With grateful hearts,”

—Evelyn & Al B.